New Designs 2017 - a Year in Review


Passion Collection Rotating Images  

Passion Collection - Spring 2017

Ed Levin Jewelry's design collection, Passion, offers a contemporary flare with sophisticated style and unique function. The Rockabye Swing bracelet features a "swing" opening and a teardrop cabochon stone for a splash of color. The Fan Dance earrings dance with every movement and glitter from the fan-shaped texture. Flare earrings are long and tapered with hammered texture and a faceted gemstone or cabochon pearl to top it off.

Summer Dance Collection - Summer 2017

Get in a summer mood with Summer Dance, Ed Levin Jewelry’s collection of new designs. The matching Minuet Pendant and Earrings balance classic style with timeless design, hand-hammered detail on the stunning Rain Dance Necklace and Earrings demand attention, the modern Hula Earrings are just plain fun, and the Tango Bracelet gives a flash of color and sparkle with its entwined gemstones.

  Summer Dance Collection Rotating Images
Twilight Collection Rotating Images  

Twilight Collection - Fall 2017

Ed Levin Jewelry’s design collection, Twilight, explores the wonder of nightfall. One design, the Sweet Dream bracelet, has a hidden “dream” message when opened. The earrings, Comet and Luna, are a reminder of the bright lights in the evening sky. The Eclipse necklace, is inspired by the light peeking out from behind the moon.